Zoom channel on Hot (2018)

A scripted sitcom intended for children. Nirit, a divorcee with three children, and Mickey, a divorce with two daughters, fall in love and decide to move in together, along with all their children, and all seven embark on a new road where they try to become a new family.

Very quickly Mickey, Nirit and the children find out that when seven people live together, there will always be someone who will fight with someone else, someone who will shout on someone else, someone who will play with someone else, and that it is always very crowded.

So far, 2 seasons have been broadcasted in Israel, comprising of 40 episodes, 22 minutes per episode, and presently, the filming of the 3rd season is commencing, comprising 20 additional episodes, 28 minutes per episode.




09:00 - 17:00



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