Ahad Haam 101

Reshet TV channel 13 (2010)

Satire TV series comprising skits and a spinoff of the “Ahad Haam 1” series. It follows the character of Miri Pascal. After Miri’s husband, Reuven, was killed in an accident during rehearsals for a ceremony intended for disabled war veterans in Germany, Miri receives a high monetary compensation and decides to leave her old housing complex apartment on 1 Ahad Haam Street and move to a luxurious apartment in a luxury tower in Tel-Aviv. While Miri is busy enjoying her new opulent life, she slowly forgets her old friends who stood by her side when she lived on 1 Ahad Haam Street.

The series included 1 season comprising 10 episodes, each lasting 24 minutes.




09:00 - 17:00



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