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Gaga Bocking produces stand-up performances at festivals, entertainment shows and provides its clients with content solutions for any event and event. In a personal and professional manner, with a courteous attitude and a wide smile, our company represents Shalom Asayag , Yuval Samo, Static and Ben El Tavori, Roy Levy, Anat Magen Shvo, Erez Shalem, Chen Mizrachi, Shauli Badishi, Daniel Assayag, Linor Abergil, Ron Shoval, Stalos and Oren Chen ... from the first line.

On stand-up page you can watch the profiles of all the top-level stand-up comedians we represent, where you can read about the artist, his resume, purchase tickets for online shows and photos from various stand-up shows he has uploaded over the years as well as various videos from the shows.

_0010_לינור אברגיל.jpg

Linor Abargil

_0016_ארז שלם.jpg

Erez Shalen

_0013_דידי הררי.jpg

Didi Harry

_0006_סטלוס ואורן חן.jpg

Stalus & Oren Chen 

_0009_מוחמד נעמה.jpg

Mohamed Namaa

_0007_סטטיק ובן אל.jpg

Static & Ben El Tavori

_0011_חן מזרחי.jpg

Hen Mizrahi

_0018_אורי גלר.jpg

Uri Geller


Stephane Le.Gar



_0017_יובל סמו.jpg

Yuval Semo

_0005_ענת מגן שבו.jpg

Anat Magen Shabo

_0012_דניאל אסייג.jpg

Daniel Asayag

_0004_רון שובל.jpg

Ron Shoval



_0001_שלום אסייג.jpg

Shalom Asayag

_0008_נאור ציון.jpg

Naor Zion

_0002_שאולי בדישי.jpg

Shaully Badishi

_0003_רועי לוי.jpg

Roy Levi

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