Kids on Hot and Yes (2018)

A musical comedy – thriller series for kids and teenagers which depicts the life of the greatest popstar in Israel, 16-year old Noa Kirel, who is fed up with her managers and agents who make all the decisions for her, therefore she establishes a “Hate Group” for herself on Facebook called “Hating Noa Kirel” and under the pseudonym “Kitty Popper”, she produces negative discussions regarding herself. This way, she is able to influence the behavior of the people surrounding her. But the hate she disseminates finally results in threats on her life. A short video which was uploaded to the Hate Group, containing an explicit threat on her life, leads to a series of interesting and suspenseful events.

So far, 2 seasons have been broadcasted in Israel, comprising of 50 episodes, 22 minutes per episode, and in addition, during 2018, 2 more seasons comprising 50 episodes will be filmed, 22 minutes per episode.




09:00 - 17:00



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