Hot (2018)

A scripted drama series about deals with a 40-year-old hi-tech employee, who loses his wife and decides that this is the last opportunity he has to fulfill his great dream to become a stand-up comedian as well as a great and famous artist. The problem -  he must take care of 5 children, and his life collapses on his head. Reshef Levi,
(the creator of the Tv series “The Arbitrator”, the most successful Israeli series of all times, has written theatre plays, written and produced numerous movies and has won the Israeli Academy Award for Television), the creator of the series, also plays the widower. The series is based on a true story.

10 episodes were filmed for the series, each lasting 60 minutes. The series is expected to premiere at the end of 2019.




09:00 - 17:00



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