Shidurei Hamahapecha

Reshet TV channel 13 (2002)

An Israeli comic-satirical TV series, starring Assi Cohen (who has won 5 Israeli Academy Awards for Television) and Guri Alfi (who creates, directs and plays in numerous successful movies and TV series), who also wrote the show.

The show itself was constructed as an alternative broadcast schedule of a fictitious broadcast franchise called “The Revolution’s Broadcast”, that is, a kind of a short version of a broadcast schedule that transmits 24 hours within the thirty minutes composing the show. The show included in terms of content: news, a sitcom, a telenovela, promos, advertisements and more, all depicted in a humorous manner of course.


The show has been very successful and most of the punch lines and skits it featured rapidly became cult classics among the TV viewers.

The series was broadcasted 8 episodes, each one lasting 30 minutes.




09:00 - 17:00



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