The Friends of Naor

Reshet TV channel 13 (2006)

A sitcom TV series. The series’ creator, who also wrote all the series’ episodes, directed them and starred in them, is Naor Zion, a very successful stand-up comedian.


The series focuses on four good friends, bachelors, in their thirties, who live in Tel-Aviv. At the beginning of each episode, Naor appears in front of an audience, featuring a short stand-up comedy scene.The topic he mentions in the stand-up scene is usually related to the main event of the episode.


This structure provides hints about the sources of inspiration of Zion, and deliberately blurs the differences between Naor Zion the stand-up comedian and his fictitious character in the series.

The series had 4 seasons, comprising of 54 episodes, each episode lasting about 25 minutes




09:00 - 17:00



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