The Jews are Coming

The Israel Broadcasting Authority channel 11 (2018)

Satire TV series comprising skits mostly on the Bible, the history of the Jewish People and the State of Israel since the biblical period and until today. The series features known personalities from the Jewish and Israeli history in a satirical manner,

personalities from the Israeli literature and television, and it comprises known myths and stories. Among the personalities appearing in the series, one can find biblical characters recognized by all religions, such as: Abraham, Moses, King David and King Salomon. In 2014 the series has won the Ophir Award (The Israeli Academy Award for Television) and was awarded the title "The Best Entertainment (Comedy) Series” in Israel. 

So far 3 seasons have been broadcasted, with a total of 40 episodes, lasting about 25 minutes for episode . and in addition, during 2019, an additional season will be filmed




09:00 - 17:00



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