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The Children’s Channel (2015)

An Israeli sitcom. Elisha is an unemployed man of about 40. Two years after the demise of his grandfather, a videotaped will is discovered at the lawyer’s office, asserting that his grandfather bequeaths him 10 million Shekels on one condition: he must return to 6th grade at the “Hertzl” School, from which he was expelled during 6th grade, and complete his studies. At the end of the year, he must exhibit a diploma stating that he has completed the 6th grade, if he fails – he will not receive the inheritance and the money will be transferred to the lawyer.

The series has won the Israeli Academy Award three times consecutively, between the years 2015 -2017, in the category of “Best Comic Series for Children and Teenagers”, and in 2016 it won the title “Sitcom of the Year” at the Children´s Choice Awards ceremony.

So far, 6 seasons have been filmed, comprising 110 episodes, and 4 seasons were actually broadcasted. Presently, a movie based on the series is being filmed.

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