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Little Mum

Channel 10 (2018)

A sitcom in which all the heroines are women – featuring three good friends: Noa – a young mother who tries to be worthy of her little girl Leia and attempts to avoid killing her indifferent husband Erez. The main consolation in her life, and this is nothing special either, are her two good friends – Shani, an unmarried childhood friend still looking for the love of her life while working for the police, and Pazit – a good-hearted neighbor who tries to keep her sanity while raising three children. Noa and Pazit meet every afternoon at the playground, with their kids, where Noa is forced to meet Vered – the unbearable sister-in-law of Pazit. This Tv series has won the Best Comedy Award at the prestigious “Rose d'or” Ceremony and furthermore, the series was sold to the TF1 Channel in France, thus being the first scripted Israeli format that will be featured in French primetime.

The series aired remake in France Belgium Poland  Russia and Ukraine, Sold  option to England and Stages of development in China.

The sitcom series had 4 seasons, comprising of 52 episodes, each episode lasting about 25 minutes.

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