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KAN - israeli public broadcaster

Izzy Bachar is a former police officer who exposed corruption in his unit and was exiled from the force as result. He has been serving as an investigator with the Internal Affairs Department for over a decade since.

On top of that his wife Eti is a high-ranking police official, a member of the National Police Disciplinary Board who, needless to say, is not too crazy about her husband’s career choices.

Just as he is about to take early retirement Izzy stumbles onto an ongoing investigation involving his best friend – decorated police commander Barak Harel, who is suspected of running his own little criminal organization within the police force.

Izzy who does not buy into the allegations against Barak, agrees to join the task force in order to make sure his colleagues at IAD aren’t railroading his friend. This decision will rock his life to the very core.

RATS is a show that deals with deceit and betrayal. It is set in a world where everybody is lying to everybody about everything. It is also a show about the secrets we sometimes keep from the people closest to us. It takes aim at the deep seeded corruption within the Israeli legal system - and the victims that this corruption leaves behind.

RATS was created and written by Roy Iddan– Israeli screenwriter and journalist and directed by Alon Zingman – veteran Israeli award-winning director of Shtisel.

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