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From the creators of EUPHORIA, SHTISEL, NO MAN’S LAND & VALLEY OF TEARS. Inspired by true stories and based on the best-selling Israeli novel by the same name, Red Skies is the biggest drama ever produced by an Israeli network.

In a story about how easily we can slip from love to hate and from the best of friends to the worst of enemies our heroes’ fight FOR one another becomes a fight AGAINST each other.

ALI, a Palestinian, and SA’AR, an Israeli, try to coexist in war-torn Jerusalem, a city sizzling with tension and fear.

Ali is a medical student at the top of his class headed to Harvard. Sa’ar is a hacker, a lost soul who looks up to Ali and is emotionally dependent on him. They're both in love with JENNY, an aspiring war correspondent.

Their bubble bursts when Sa’ar learns that Israeli Intelligence suspects Ali’s brother of being a Palestinian militia sniper known as “The Painter,”  who has become a legend by killing dozens of IDF soldiers at roadblocks.

Intelligence officers make it clear to Sa’ar-

If you don't help us, Ali's life with be ruined: he will be arrested, his visa to the US will be cancelled, and his Harvard dream will die.

In a desperate attempt at saving his soulmate, Sa’ar agrees to manipulate Ali into setting up a meeting with his brother, not knowing that the military plans on killing the brother.

Things get even more complicated when Jenny insists on joining Ali.

Despite Sa'ar pleading, the IDF decides to put Ali and Jenny at risk by assassinating Ali's brother.

In a unique collaboration between Arab and Jewish filmmakers, this is the first drama to take on the SECOND PALESTINIAN INTIFADA, and the first-ever on-screen window into the Israeli military’s secret SIGINT & surveillance empire, UNIT 8200.

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