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Shnot Hashmonim

Reshet TV channel 13 (2018)

An Israeli sitcom depicting the lives of the comedian Shalom Asayag and his family during the early eighties at the Tirat Hacarmel development town – a lively and colorful community nearby Haifa which attracted diverse ethnic groups who settled there shortly after immigrating to Israel: Moroccans, Iraqis, Georgians, Ethiopians and more.

This nostalgic TV series takes the viewers through a time tunnel, 30 years backward, to the simplicity and innocence and the struggle for survival that characterized rooted multiple-children families in the Israeli periphery during those years, who tried to take their fate in their own hands after giving up on the establishment. Such parents, whose greatest (and very humble) dreams were, among others, to be able to see their children finish school successfully and becoming good respectable citizens. The entity that will assist them traverse the winding path and reach their destination is of course God Almighty, as well as a lot of healthy humor. The series has become a popular talked-about cult series, when many deliberations and idiomatic phrases contained in it are being recited by many people.

The series has been selected several times for the Israeli series most all-time favorite by the crowd, newspaper and website largest in Israel.

So far, 3 seasons have been broadcasted, comprising of 39 episodes, every episode lasts about 28 minutes. In addition, 2 additional seasons are being filmed presently, comprising 44 episodes, 25 minutes per episode

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