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KAN 11

In each episode, Hanoch went on a pastoral vacation with four people, all of whom have some kind of disability or belong to a group whose discourse - and certainly jokes about it - are taboo. The topics covered this season: obese, terminally ill, widows and widowers, visually impaired, disabled and physically handicapped, Ethiopians.

The purpose of the series is to normalize and give a platform to different struggles of people that are not usually spoken openly and honestly, to change worldviews and relieve pain with the help of humor.

In each chapter, Hanoch will take the stage with a stand-up show written especially for the theme of the chapter, with the participants of the chapter sitting in front of him in the hall, in the first row.

During the vacation Hanoch conducts in-depth conversations with the guests and hears from them about their difficult lives. He examines the prejudices we all have, and courageously reveals them, both in moving in-depth conversations and in the stand-up segments that tear apart the places we don't dare to go to normally.

Enoch sensitively and naturally examines the limits of comedy and good taste, and tries to prove that nothing is too taboo to laugh at.

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