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The Battle of Sexes

Reshet TV channel 13 (2015)

A lively and delightful entertainment show that deals, in a comic manner, with the historical and obstinate battle between the male and female genders, regarding the differences between the sexes, the conflicting world perspectives, the different general perspectives and how all of these affect their relationships.


The show is filmed mostly within a studio but it integrates VTR’s (that were filmed in advance) in which both hosts accompany in every show another married couple, and follow the crises and problems in the relationship. The panel members try to resolve them (the panel comprises two women and two men). The show ends with the most original and hallucinatory solution created by the illustrious panel, who managed to bring the couple from the VTR to sign a special agreement and achieved domestic peace.

The show contained a single season with 16 episodes, about 60 minutes per episode.

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