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The Good Cop

Yes (2018)

A comic TV series that focuses on Danny Confino, an unconventional policeman with some anger management problems and a short fuse on the one hand, yet an idealist justice-seeker on the other hand. The plots fluctuate between his personal life and the events that take place in the ill-fated and failing police station where he serves.

Despite his many emotional problems, Danny is greatly appreciated by his languid commander Yaakov Rabi, is considered to be a good policeman and the only one that can be trusted. Danny lives in his parents’ home and he must contend with his father, who is a miser and a manipulator, a nosey mother and a brother who is a criminal, and all of them manage to get him off-balance. He attempts to seek refuge in love and constantly tries to find a relationship within and outside the police station.

And thus, when the police puts pressure on him on the one hand, the romantic relations challenge him on the other hand and his crazy family outflanks from above, Danny Confino tries to leap over the obstacle course and survive in the Israeli reality, when nobody makes his life easier.

Netflix has produced 15 translated episodes of the series, and additionally produced an American remake for the series comprising 10 episodes, with an investment of 50 million Dollars, starring Tony Danza and Josh Groban, the series premieres on Netflix on September 21st 2018.

So far, 2 seasons have been broadcasted in Israel, comprising of 30 episodes, 28 minutes per episode, and presently, the filming of the 3rd season is commencing, comprising 15 additional episodes, 28 minutes per episode.

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