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The Rafaelis


"Rafaelis", the new and talked about docu-reality series, reveals for the first time in an intimate way the life of the most famous and glamorous family in Israel: the Rafaeli family - Bar, Tzipi, Rafi, Dor and On.

The last few years have been particularly turbulent for them. Now that Tzipi Refaeli's difficult period in Neve Tirza prison has ended, the gates of the glorious family estate in Hod Hasharon are opened to the cameras for the first time.

"Rafaelis" begins just before her release from prison and accompanies the family trying to get back to routine. Tzipi, Bar & On's tough agent who ruled the house with a high hand, returns to her family who needs her and has changed a lot in those months. After the not-so-simple life in prison, she has to find the strength to cope and pick up on her life project, "The Refaeli Family."

After years of getting to know them mostly through newspaper headlines, "Raphaelis" will introduce us to family members like we've never seen before.

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