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Uri and Ella

Hot (2018)

A scripted drama series about Uri and his daughter, Ella, have become something of a couple since Tami, Uri's wife, passed away. Uri, a cherished musical icon, found himself readjusting to bachelor life at 60; and Ella, an underachiever with zero accomplishments, found herself, at 27, thrown further into the bottomless void she calls "life". 

Now, after a year of processing the pain and loss, they begin feeling like the world is their oyster. But they never bothered fact-checking that feeling. Merging soft irony with bursts of raw emotions, Uri and Ella is a different type of Rom-Com - it's about loss, madness, rich people problems, and the one relationship where love is truly unconditional - between a father and his daughter.


The series won six Academy Awards: the drama series best actor, directing, photography, art design management soundtrack.


The series was broadcasted 10 episodes, each one lasting 40 minutes.

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