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Our Productions

The Good Cop

A comic TV series that focuses on Danny Confino, an unconventional policeman with some anger management problems and a short fuse on the one hand,

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A scripted drama series about deals with a 40-year-old hi-tech employee, who loses his wife and decides that this is the last opportunity he has to fulfill his great dream to become a stand-up comedian.



A scripted sitcom intended for children. Nirit, a divorcee with three children, and Mickey, a divorce with two daughters, fall in love and decide to move in together,


The Big Nothing

A scripted sitcom science fiction for kids and teenager. The sitcom consists of actors and puppets and talks about the first fictional inter-galactic reality TV show.

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The Battle of Sexes

A lively and delightful entertainment show that deals, in a comic manner, with the historical and obstinate battle between the male and female genders.


The Bachelor

An Israeli reality TV show. The show is based on the American format “The Bachelor”, which was initially broadcasted in 2002 on ABC. The Israeli season has a spinoff where the bachelor is Dudu Aharon.

הרווק דודו אהרון.jpg

Ahad Haam 101

Satire TV series comprising skits and a spinoff of the “Ahad Haam 1” series. It follows the character of Miri Pascal. After Miri’s husband, Reuven, was killed in an accident during rehearsals for a ceremony.

אחד העם 101.jpg

The Friends of Naor

A sitcom TV series. The series’ creator, who also wrote all the series’ episodes, directed them and starred in them, is Naor Zion, a very successful stand-up comedian.

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Shidurei Hamahapecha

An Israeli comic-satirical TV series, starring Assi Cohen (who has won 5 Israeli Academy Awards for Television) and Guri Alfi.

שידורי המהפכה.jpg

Uri and Ella

 A scripted drama series about Uri and his daughter, Ella, have become something of a couple since Tami, Uri's wife, passed away. Uri, a cherished musical icon, found himself readjusting to bachelor life at 60

1200_אורי ואלה_אוהד מורנו.jpeg


  A scripted drama series deals with the meteoric ascent of the Israeli stand-up comedy scene during the nineties, which constituted part of the cultural revolution that is well felt until today.



A musical comedy – thriller series for kids and teenagers which depicts the life of the greatest popstar in Israel, 16-year old Noa Kirel,

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Being a Father

A documentary TV series lead by Tal Friedman, who embarks on an exciting and moving journey regarding the relationships between fathers and their children.

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Wipe Out

An American comic Tv game show in which the participants compete in the world´s largest water and obstacle course in order to win a monetary prize.


Bible in Verses

Efraim Sidon (a writer), takes the children along to a wonderful journey for the purpose of getting acquainted with the most important book in the history of mankind – The Bible.


Shavua Sof

An Israeli satirical entertainment show that includes satiric and humorous references to the events that occurred during the past week, mainly through imitations and impersonations.

שבוע סוף.jpg

The Maestro

A documentary reality show following the life of Israel’s greatest pop star, Zvika Pik.


Driving me crazy

What if we took a well-known comedian and turned him into the driver of a celebrity star for a day? He will take them wherever they want to go. He will do whatever they need to do...


Shnot Hashmonim

An Israeli sitcom depicting the lives of the comedian Shalom Asayag and his family during the early eighties at the Tirat Hacarmel development town

1200_שנות ה803.jpeg

The Stand-Up Comedians

A documentary TV show joins the genre comprising “Carpool Karaoke” and “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee”. The creator and stand-up comedian Reshef Levi.


Little Mum

A sitcom in which all the heroines are women – featuring three good friends: Noa – a young mother who tries to be worthy of her little girl Leia and attempts to avoid killing her indifferent husband Erez.



A scripted sitcom follows Chen Mizrahi, a young stand-up comedian, who finally leaves his parents’ house and moves to the “Big City” only to find out that it is not easy to find a good partner,


Who Gave you a License

A scripted sitcom about a wild feminine comedy focusing on an Arab female taxi driver, a lesbian driving instructor and a “Rich Bitch” in a limousine when a multi-car crash rocks their lives.


Comedians at Work

For the first time on television a prime time entertainment format that combines live stand-up with reality themes. Each week, we will watch 2 comedians go out to different workplaces and experience working there.


Ketzer Mishpachti

A TV show comprising a panel of celebrities and famous personalities who discuss marital problems, analyze the situations with humor and decide how to resolve the dispute between the spouses.


Erev Adir

An Israeli entertainment show hosted by Adir Miller. The show was constructed as a humorous talk show that hosts diverse characters, some are fictitious and others are imitation of known personalities,


The Jews are Coming

Satire TV series comprising skits mostly on the Bible, the history of the Jewish People and the State of Israel since the biblical period and until today.

1200_היהודים באים 3.jpeg

This evening will be here

A talk show – Yaron Brovinsky (a theatre and television actor and a host), hosts the most prominent and interesting people from the Israeli worlds of current affairs, entertainment and music.


The History of Stand-Up Comedy

A documentary TV series that will scan 3 decades in the “docu” scene in Israel. The story of the world of stand-up comedy has developed during the last 3 decades and it underwent diverse vicissitudes.



An Israeli sitcom. Elisha is an unemployed man of about 40. Two years after the demise of his grandfather, a videotaped will is discovered at the lawyer’s office,


Nashot Hakaduraglanim

A docu-reality show, about the woman of Israeli footballers. The show follows and exhibits the lives of the footballers’ wives in a comic manner.

נשות הכדורגלנים.jpg

Matzav Kapit

A blunt skits TV series with songs and skits in different styles. The hosts were beginning comedians who were allowed to perform on stage and present materials they wrote by themselves.


Kisharon or Kishalon

An entertainment show that redefines the reality genre and the talent shows: 6 contenders possessing a unique talent or some bizarre oddness, face a panel of judges and compete for a place in the finals.


Ahad Haam 1

Satire TV series comprising skits about the plot depicts the life story of the residents of a housing complex building located on Ahad Haam Street No. 1 in Ramat-Gan, each tenant is a caricature of an Israeli marginal figure.

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